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The Most Important Truth

As Christians, we carry the most important message on the face of the earth. But are you prepared for what you’d say to someone who didn’t know Christ? This message will help you with practical steps and scriptures to share the amazing story of the cross.

Broadcast on WJTL on June 25th, 2017



The Cost of Life is Death

Are you dead or are you alive? Your sins brings death and we all have a choice to either put to death our sin or we will die, but the choice is ours. If you have life, are you truly living or do you just have breath in your lungs?

Broadcast on WJTL on June 4th, 2017



The Book of Acts #11: This Is Not A Pipe-Dream!

There are two key traits, along with four essential practices that lead us to the type of community that we see in Acts 2:42-47.  It might be easier than you think to build a lasting fellowship with others, both inside the church and out. Be sure to share this message with a friend, so they can grow in their faith and understand this biblical community too!

Special Message by Pastor Joe Ercoli

Broadcast on WJTL on March 26th, 2017


The Struggle Is Real

Special Message from Dr. Jared Pingleton, VP of the American Association of Christian Counselors

What's At Stake November 8th?

This year election day is on November 8th.  You've seen the ads, and heard the speeches, but what makes this election different from past elections?  This message will keep you informed about the details of the coming election and what you can be doing as a Christian citizen in America.  Special message by Dr. Gary Frazier.

Simply Discipleship

What are some real world ways to "Go, and make disciples"?  This message offers practical steps to live that out in your daily walk with Christ.

What's Your Problem?

How do you look at your problems?  Everyday of our lives seem to be filled with issue after issue, but how we see our problems is important.  This message will help you find the hope and the reason for all of the things that can be thrown your way, while offering a biblical response to those problems.

Secure For Sure!

Security is a critical element in life. Unfortunately, it’s also very elusive. Violent crime, Islamic terrorism, anti-Christian persecution, racial tensions, economic inequity, and a disconcerting presidential race demonstrate how insecure our world is. Insecurity also hits home in our personal lives. Many live with the constant threat of divorce, rebellious children, joblessness, financial woes, addictions, and physical maladies. It’s common for even Christians to realize that they have little or no security in those areas that seem to matter most.

In what may be the most comforting passage in the entire Bible, Paul offers three hopeful assurances for every Christian:

1. There is no opposition;

2. There is no condemnation; and

3. There is no separation.

This message will help you be sure and secure. In the area that truly matters most — your relationship with God — you can have ultimate security. The Bible says that God offers believers in Christ His unconditional love and acceptance. Yet, you may struggle with this notion.

Maybe you have never experienced unconditional love and approval from your parents. Perhaps you have experienced rejection and betrayal from a spouse, from relatives, or from friends. Consequently, you are skeptical and cynical of people because you have been hurt so many times. Nonetheless, Romans 8:31–39 definitively declares that: Security leads to stability and productivity.