Security is a critical element in life. Unfortunately, it’s also very elusive. Violent crime, Islamic terrorism, anti-Christian persecution, racial tensions, economic inequity, and a disconcerting presidential race demonstrate how insecure our world is. Insecurity also hits home in our personal lives. Many live with the constant threat of divorce, rebellious children, joblessness, financial woes, addictions, and physical maladies. It’s common for even Christians to realize that they have little or no security in those areas that seem to matter most.

In what may be the most comforting passage in the entire Bible, Paul offers three hopeful assurances for every Christian:

1. There is no opposition;

2. There is no condemnation; and

3. There is no separation.

This message will help you be sure and secure. In the area that truly matters most — your relationship with God — you can have ultimate security. The Bible says that God offers believers in Christ His unconditional love and acceptance. Yet, you may struggle with this notion.

Maybe you have never experienced unconditional love and approval from your parents. Perhaps you have experienced rejection and betrayal from a spouse, from relatives, or from friends. Consequently, you are skeptical and cynical of people because you have been hurt so many times. Nonetheless, Romans 8:31–39 definitively declares that: Security leads to stability and productivity.