Essential conversations


Essential conversations




What is it?

Essential Conversations is a group experience designed for men and women who are starting or returning to a belief in Jesus Christ. This belief is that Jesus is the Son of God, and died for the things that they did wrong but after three days rose from the dead making it possible for them to have a relationship with God. This group meets for eight times together and discusses the most critical and necessary pieces for a new Christian to take their first steps in the faith. The eight gatherings are about 90 minutes each and will conclude with a ninth gathering around a meal to discuss how to take their next step with God. *

Sunday mornings and weekday nights | At Grace Fellowship | Free

 * Note. Childcare is not provided for our evening gatherings.

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Why “essential?”

Essential doesn’t mean basic, it means necessary. For someone who is starting a relationship with Jesus Christ, there are essential issues that just can’t wait. Think about it this way. If you were about to jump out of a plane, there would be a lot of things that would be “good to know,” even things that would be helpful, but only a few things are essential. Make no mistake, starting a relationship with Jesus is a bigger deal than jumping out of an airplane. That’s why there are some necessary things that we need to say, hear and do at the beginning of this new relationship with God. That’s why in our conversations we purposefully skip some things that are important, basic or even helpful. Why? Because we are solely committed to one thing, what’s essential.

Why a conversation?

Something changed a few years ago. We stopped needing more and more information. In fact, our world has become so saturated with books, news, updates, media and more that we stopped listening and became great at ignoring the noise. However, one thing hasn’t change. The need to understand and the desire to share. That’s why this group isn’t meant to be a class, but a conversation.



Shannon Lewis

Shannon Lewis is one of the leaders in Essential Conversations. He’s married to Susan Lewis, his beautiful bride, for over 45 years! Together they have spent the majority of their Christian lives building relationships with people from all walks of life. Shannon enjoys working with Grace Fellowship to encourage deeper spiritual growth and community. He also enjoys fishing, being outdoors, art, as well as traveling with Susan.



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Next Step

Next Step

Essential Conversations

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