Breakout Sessions: 

Don’t Trip on Your Tongue

Relationships require good communication to grow and thrive.  Unbiblical communication patterns will deteriorate and sabotage your relationships.  This class will examine the most common areas of unbiblical speech your tongue may be tripping over without even realizing it.  We will also look at how to respond if it is not your tongue that is stumbling and how to have those difficult discussions. 


"It's Not Fair!"

Have you ever thought or said.... "I do not deserve that!" "I always get the short end of the stick." "This is horrible! It's just not right!" "I didn't cause this but I'm paying the price!"

How do you respond to unjust suffering?  The "It's not fair" attitude eats away at us and destroys our joy, hope, faith, love and usefulness for Christ. As we unpack biblical truth related to unjust suffering you will learn practical ways to apply those truths in your life.


Who’s the Boss?

Think about your home. Who is really in charge?  Is your home marked with tantrums, disrespect, rebellion or chaos? This session is designed to help determine if your home is child-centered or God-centered. You will learn God’s prospective on how to parent biblically and to put Him in the center.


Put Fear in its place.

Do you fish for compliments, overcommit (or never commit), keep people at a distance? When we fear other people more than we fear God, we become anxious slaves to their opinions and approval. But it doesn’t have to be that way! This session is based on Zach Schlegel’s study “Fearing Others: Putting God First”.  During this time, we will dig into God's Word and learn how to fear God alone, rest in his grace, and live in peace, joy, and confidence.


Who’s Pulling Your Strings?

Do you suspect you are being manipulated?  Is there a difficult person in your life that always seems to turn you sideways and provoke an emotional response?  Do you feel vulnerable to their control and helpless to respond in a way that is kind and biblical?  Come learn what manipulation is – what tools the manipulator uses – how to respond with wisdom, truth and love – and how to put the brakes on your own temptations to manipulate others. 


Forgiving the Hurts

It’s happened to all of us.  Someone hurts our feelings, or mistreats us, or betrays us.  What do we do?  Cry?  Scream? Withdraw?  All of the above?  How do we get past it?  Do I really have to forgive?  Come learn what the Bible says about responding to hurts and the truth that changes everything!


Healthy Habits

Did you know you can reduce your risk of sickness and disease through nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management?  Much of the sickness and disease we experience today can be eliminated. Learn to reduce your risk by introducing one simple daily habit at a time. Dress comfortably, optional movement included!


Managing the Feelings of Guilt"

At one time or another we all have struggled with guilt. The biblical truths we will learn about guilt will help you to distinguish between what is true guilt (the conviction of the Holy Spirit) and false guilt (the accusations of the enemy). You will be equipped with a biblical response and plan to manage true and false guilt.